Monday, January 21, 2013

0 Advanced SystemCare Pro Final [Tools]

Advanced SystemCare Pro Final | 20.5 Mb

Advanced SystemCare PRO Edition The World's Top System Utility for Superior PC Health. Advanced SystemCare PRO (formerly Advanced WinodwsCare Professional) provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance tune-ups, and system cleaning capabilities. This powerful and award-winning precision tool fixes stubborn errors, cleans out clutter, optimizes internet and download speeds, ensures personal security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically.

  • Designed for the latest Windows system environment. Gives your PC better speed and reliability
  • Powerful Hard Drive Defrag and Optimization
  • Next-generation Registry Deep Clean and Optimization
  • Automated Working in the Background
  • Defends PC Security with Extra Protection
  • Quick and Extensive Clean-up for Hard Drives
  • Keeps Your PC Running at Peak Performance
  • Fixes Multiple System Errors
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Monday, January 14, 2013

0 Ubuntu OS Phones to Arrive In 2014 [Article]

It has been some time since I’ve carried around an Ubuntu-toting laptop, but my memories of the OS sure are fond ones. I remember the first time I used Ubuntu over a decade ago. I was really impressed with the easy installation (No drivers needed. Gasp!) and the clean UI. Much dependence on the terminal for more advanced options turned me off though, and with my love affair with the Mac OS taking off I turned my back on Ubuntu. I guess it might even be safe to say that were I not so reliant on my MacBook Air and its apps, my laptop would probably be sporting the latest Ubuntu flavour, especially with the OS getting prettier by the minute.

Ubuntu for Phones looks promising based on the demo video. It looks really good with its hidden docks that can easily be accessed with a single swipe, beautiful typography and icons, eye-catching visualizations and well thought out organization. In short, it looks like it will be a success. Despite all this, one can’t help but feel a little wary for Ubuntu though with the market being as unpredictable as it is. After all we have already seen an excellent new modern phone OS demo in the past that has failed; that is Palm’s WebOS. This is true not only for phones but in other industries as well. History has shown us time and again how great ideas alone do not always translate to success.

The other problem that the Ubuntu for phones face is its reliance on gestures. The gesture-based approach is pretty cool on paper, but it might spell trouble in terms of discoverability and intuitiveness. It does push the envelope in the right direction, but we being creatures of habit might shun the whole thing if the learning curve turns out to be quite steep. That said, Ubuntu has to make sure that implementation of the gestures be seamless if they want it to go down well with the ordinary user.

Sources Via Techtogeekz

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

0 SoundHound [IOS]

SoundHound is instant music search and discovery:  
  • The world’s FASTEST music recognition: name tunes playing from a speaker in as little as four seconds 
  • The world’s only viable singing and humming recognition  
  • Instant lyrics and artist info for your songs  
  • Split-second Say search: just speak a title or band name to check it out 
  • An included iPad app with beautiful, full-size lyrics and YouTube pages 
  • The ultimate SoundHound experience, ad-free with exclusive song recommendations for SoundHound  users!
And there’s more: Listen on startup and geotagging options, Facebook and Twitter sharing and optional auto-sharing, fast app switching, previews, iTunes and Pandora links, full length YouTube videos, and your favorite artists’ top songs, bios, and Wikipedia pages.

Requirements and notes: SoundHound works on the iPhone, iPad, new iPod Touch, and second and third generation iPod touch (with an external microphone such as in Apple’s iPhone headsets). Fast network connections, common on WiFi and 3G, allow SoundHound to produce the response times shown above.

What’s new in Version 5.2.3

New in 5.2.3
Bug fixes

New in 5.2:
Improved iPhone 5 support
Updated Results and Sharing pages
Improved search speed and accuracy

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0 Squids [IOS]

Build your team of Squid heroes for epic turn-based battles against corrupted crabs and shrimps! "The adorable spawn of Angry Birds and Final Fantasy Tactics" -The Escapist
"I was hooked from round one.SQUIDS is a really nice blend of iOS gaming and smarter tactical play" – Destructoid Steev, Vahine and the rest of the Squids are in danger! An infectious black ooze is corrupting their world. Only a few heroes can fight back and save their lush underwater kingdoms! Recruit a small army of stretchy Squids and lead them into turn-based battles against the dark hordes.

  • Grab Squids by the tentacles, then fling them across the battlefield
  • Mixes the best of iOS gaming with classic RPG elements 
  • Recruit a unique team of Squids in four different classes: shooters, scouts, troopers and healers 
  • Use strategy and skill to win turn-based battles, use the environment to your advantage
  • Customize your party with special ability-boosting helmets
  • Enjoy an epic story with giant turtle rides and heroic boss battles Discover the Squids’
  • legendary world through gorgeous detailed levels 
  • Game Center and OpenFeint support for leaderboards and achievements 
  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod touch (4th). Requires iOS 3.2.2 or later. 
  • The game is localized in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. 
  • For the latest info on SQUIDS, or to ask us a question, check us out on Twitter @SquidsTheGame or Facebook/SquidsTheGame 
  • No Squids were harmed during the making of this game. 
 What’s New in version 1.8.1
  • Korean translation
  • BUG FIX: Chest of Pearl pearl amount 
  • BUG FIX: Venus achievement
  • To celebrate the launch of SQUIDS comic book on the App Store, we have updated the game with a few extras.
  • A new map – with 2 new missions – and a new Squids to unlock: the pretty awesome Magnus, legendary gladiator from the Thalas arenas. 
  • To give you a foretaste of the comic book, we have also included just for you The Ballad of Clint and Sammo, a short comic book to let you discover how the mighty Sammo crossed path with the most wanted Squid Clint.
  • And of course a few bug fixes and tweaks here and there.
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

0 Wallpaper Of Weekend #4

wallpaper of weekend

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0 Wallpaper Of Weekend #3

wallpaper of weekend

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

1 Norton 360 Premier Edition 6.0.19 [Antivirus]

Norton 360 - Comprehensive automated protection against viruses and spyware. Norton 360 includes: antivirus, antispyware, firewall, data backup and system tuning. Norton 360 protects your computer, files, and identity, being the most rapid, complete and not demanding security products.

Key features of Norton 360:
• Virus Protection
• Protection against Botnet
• Norton Safe Web ™
• Security Network
• Automatic backup and restore
• Norton Insight
• Protection against spyware
• Norton Identity Safe
• Firewall
• Setting Up Your Computer
• Norton Browser Protection
• Norton Pulse Updates

What's new Norton 360 Version 6.0:
  • New. Norton Management: Based on Cloud technology management products through the Internet Norton, which you download, install, move, upgrade or renew the term of the license.
  • Bandwidth control: Restrict non-critical updates Norton, when you are connected to a 3G network in order to avoid the use of traffic limit per month or exceed the cost of mobile communications.

Key features of Norton 360 version 6.0:
  • Comprehensive protection: Protects confidential data, detects and removes viruses, blocks online threats, and ensures the preservation of important information.
  • Improved. Norton Protection System: Four unique levels of protection to proactively block the powerful online threats before they infect your computer.
  • Norton Insight: Stops the new online threats before they cause harm, while at the same time, increases productivity by checking the source file and the time of their existence.
  • Norton Download Insight 2.0: Protect your computer from malicious software before you install them, warning if they are malicious or unstable after the download is complete.
  • Norton Safe Web: Proactively protects you while looking for information or visit the web-based resources on the Internet, alerting and blocking dangerous and phishing Web sites directly in the search results.
  • Automatic Backup: Safely back up your photos, music, financial documents and other important information on the disk, USB-device or online on a secure server, Symantec. Norton 360 is a standard license off the 2GB of online storage.
  • Setting up your computer: Easy to adjust key parameters of Windows. Frees memory or remove unnecessary information from your hard drive, the computer worked quickly and flawlessly.
  • Norton Identity Safe: Protects remembers and automatically enters your logins and passwords to log on to Web resources. At present, includes an online version that allows you to use the stored registration data on different computers.
  • Parental Control: Allows you to track the activity of your children on the Internet with Norton Online Family, so that you can protect them from online dangers.
  • Norton Bootable Recovery Tool: Creates emergency bootable CD / DVD or USB-device, allowing to recover your computer after infection with malicious threats, in which the computer can not be started.
  • Web access to the backups: Norton 360 allows you to upload and share photos, videos and other information that was added to the online backups at any time, anywhere via a password-protected Web page.
  • Network Threat Protection: Detects network threats before they reach your computer
Download Norton 360 Premier Edition 6.0.19 [Antivirus]

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